Why artMEAT?

                  We all have some history with art, and it’s probably more in depth than a semester long course in Art History. Art is the physical manifestation of the “Je ne sais quoi” that distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. We are enlightened beings aware of our surroundings and intrigued by our purpose. That being said, we here at artMEAT believe, whole-heARTedly that art is a significant and necessary part of the human experience. We believe that art can satiate and nourish our minds and spirits like food does our bodies. We want to help you experience art from a place of need and not just interest.

                My interest in art stems from my experiences in the Drama Club in high school. Being a stage manager allowed me to shed my introverted ways and finally find my voice. Along the way I changed interests and chose a career working for the Government. Personally, I have not found a lot of opportunities for creativity working for the Government, therefore I was very intrigued by Delanté’s idea to start artMEAT. We know tons of artists as well as others in search of a creative outlet. Over the past decade there has been a movement to nurture our minds and bodies from practicing meditation to eating healthy. We are making a push for you to be supported creatively as well.

                Everyone, no matter his or her profession, needs a creative outlet. You need to have your voice heard.  We are interested in your perspective. This art will strengthen your brain, your resolve, and your confidence. It will open you to the world and allow for knowledge and perspectives to be shared. A taxidermist may learn a new technique for adding perspective by working with an engineer at a tech company. That engineer may learn about color composition from a tattoo artist. We all have something that we can share and something we can learn. This forum will create a community for these kinds of experiences and it will help us all grow.

                All are welcome here at artMEAT. Whether you are a contributor, a participant at our upcoming artGATHER salon, a teacher in our artGRASP series, or reader of our zine, you are in. You are part of the family, the community, the tribe. We welcome you to tell your friends and loved ones. Let’s help this group grow. Together we will create something new, something interesting, and foster this place for art to meet. 

CrEATively Yours,