Ready for something Transformational?

The artGANG has teamed up with the crew at the Thinkery museum in Austin, TX. We are running one of their exhibits for the upcoming Thinkery21 event: Transformations. The party starts at 7pm on Thursday, August 25th.

Remix Renoir, Picasso, Mondrian, Munch and more at the artMEAT table! We will have famous artworks all ready for you to make your own improvements and additions. Get ready to create your very own masterpiece!

The event will feature transformative tastings, performances, discussion, makeovers, and more. The evening explores transformations on a personal level and in the world around us. Eat, drink, mix, and mingle while enjoying innovative science, art, and special activities at this adults-only (21 and up), after-hours event. So what are you waiting for? 

CrEATively Yours,