Clean Like A Goddess

As spring turns into summer, I bet a lot of you are wishing you had focused on spring cleaning a bit more. As many artists know, motivation can sometimes ebb and flow. When it starts to get nice and sunny outside, that project you have been wanting to finish can continually be placed on the backburner. Lucky for you, Clean Like A Goddess is a new initiative started by an artMEAT contributor that wants to increase your focus on yourself and your work by harnessing the power of cleaning.

By removing the clutter from our lives and working on a clean home environment, your inner artist can emerge refreshed and motivated. Clean Like A Goddess is offering a pilot workshop on July 23rd from 12 - 2:30pm at the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center.

This workshop will include an intimate collective of women gathering to discuss holistic cleaning, over light refreshments. Attendees will learn to create all natural, homemade cleaning products, as well as how to follow a simple 4-Step Cleansing Program to create space to allow our desires to flow with grace and ease. They are requesting that you RSVP for this event.

To learn more about Clean Like A Goddess follow them on social media for information on upcoming events.

Facebook: Clean Like A Goddess
Instagram: @cleanlikeagoddess

Once you have attended this event and found your motivation to complete your new work, do not forget to share! artMEAT will be accepting submissions to our next issue until June 15th.

Until next time Gods & Goddesses!

CrEATively Yours,