The artGANG goes on an Adventure!

As the artGANG works to expand, we reached out to the Thinkery, a children's museum in Austin. The Thinkery strives to create innovative learning experiences to equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers. We support their mission and wanted to know how artMEAT could help. They informed us about their Thinkery21 events and invited us to attend one dedicated to exploring our senses, to see if we may want to get involved in the future.

The "Come to Your Senses" event was remarkable. Having free reign in a museum and not having to worry about stepping on a child is awesome. Getting to explore different senses through an almost endless amount of experiments and activities was exhilarating. The added variety of beer, wine, and cocktails choices at the bars scattered throughout the event was the cherry on top. The wide range of activities included something for everyone.

Shelby got to see if she could tell the difference between different kinds of fruit in a blind taste test.

Kyle got to test his throwing skills while wearing goggles that simulate being intoxicated. Spoiler alert: he was very good at functioning while "drunk."

Delanté and Kyle got to explore how insensitive the skin on your arms and the back of your hands is in comparison to your fingertips.

I got a treat when I climbed through a jungle gym without having to scale any small children.

And finally, no artMEAT adventure would be complete without some dancing! The next Thinkery21 event will be held on June 2nd from 7-10pm. They will be exploring math with their theme, "Strength in Numbers." Stay tuned for more details about a potential artMEAT/Thinkery collaboration.

CrEATively Yours,