Art Imitating Life

Today we celebrate some real Bad Ass B*%^ches in honor of Women Crush Wednesday. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the amazingly talented duo who created the Comedy Central smash hit, Broad City. Abbi and Ilana have created a hilarious show about the crazy adventures two strong women in their 20s can get into in NYC.

Abbi's character, Abbi Abrams, is a struggling artist who works at a gym to make ends meet. Many of the stories used in the show are from Abbi's real life struggles to sell her art before she moved into the comedy world. Huffington Post recently discovered that Abbi used to work as an artist for AOL. Ilana's character,  Ilana Wexler, is a free spirited individual who spends her days, until recently, working at a Groupon like company called "Deals, Deals, Deals." They have said in past interviews that the situations she faces at Deals, Deals, Deals are largely drawn from the time she spent working at a call center.

Artwork by Abbi Jacobson for AOL.

Artwork by Abbi Jacobson for AOL.

These amazing woman have turned their every day struggles into comedy gold and for that we say, "Yasss Queen!" Keep breaking down those comedy barriers! These are definitely two amazing women we would want to have a drink with!

CrEATively Yours,