artGRASP Riveting Women Series - #1

We all know what is happening tomorrow.....

It is also the launch of the very first artGRASP series, Riveting Women! This series will feature play readings focused on stories with strong female characters. Each play reading will be followed by a discussion of the work. The first play we are reading is Gina Gionfriddo's piece, "Rapture, Blister, Burn." The play is a study of gender politics by focusing on the journey of two women. Catherine has pursued a career as an academic while Gwen has started a family with her husband. Each women feels unfulfilled for different reasons and attempts to see what it is like in the other woman's shoes. The story that follows is engaging and very funny.

So come join us at Dozen Street Bar tomorrow, May 1st from 7-10pm! There will be drinks, laughter, and thoughtful discussion. A perfect way to spend a Sunday evening!

CrEATively Yours,