Postponing the reading of "Keely & Du"

It is with a heavy heart and grueling deliberation that we inform you that we are postponing the artGRASP reading of "Keely & Du."

We would like to take this time to explain the reasoning behind postponing. As you may have heard a first year female student at UT was murdered quite recently, and the specific details of this horrific crime were just revealed this week.

In light of these recent discoveries, we believe the content of this play may exacerbate the wounds already opened by this incident. While this story and discourse may have an important role in exploring/understanding this kind of darkness, it is clear to us that UT's community deserves a few more moments to heal. We offer our condolences for this loss.

Again, we are so very sorry and hope that you will be able to participate in a reading of this play in the future. We would also like to invite you to join us for the new kickoff date of artGRASP, on Saturday, May 1st, where we will be reading "Rapture, Blister, Burn" from 7-10pm.