Calling all ARTs to the Dance Floor!

Issue Ø has been devoured and we all know what everyone is thinking, “What’s next?” With that in mind we would like to announce the call for contributors for issue 1 of artMEAT. The theme of this issue is “Never Have I Ever.”

Who’s hungry?

“Never Have I Ever” is a game that offers its players the chance to consider, analyze, and explore barriers while bonding more closely with the other participants. It challenges the very capacity of our accomplishments and experiences. It leaves us questioning: What limitations have we put on ourselves? What risks would we like to take in the future? Who else has had similar exploits?

artMEAT is enlisting you to delve into the world of unfulfilled possibility for its upcoming issue 1. What hasn’t happened yet? What mold haven’t you broken? We are interested in all artistic personifications of this theme. Don’t be shy. We want to feature that cake, collage, and toenail mosaic.

So come one, come all! Check out the link below to our submissions page. We are asking for all submissions by March 1st. If you have any comments or questions, don’t be afraid to shout! We are also very interested in setting up some artMEAT blind dates! This is where an artist from one discipline creates a work in conjunction with another artist from a differing field. So, if you would like to work with a tattoo artist, an architect, a pastel art enthusiast, please let us know about any ideas for collaboration and we will work to facilitate this work.

We cannot wait to see what you all have been cooking!

CrEATively Yours,