An Evening of Firsts

Saturday, January 16th is a date that us artMEATers will remember for years to come.  We had the sincere pleasure of hanging with Austin’s finest, eating delicious food, having fabulous libations, and getting our ribs tickled and hearts touched by a fantastic play reading during our very first artGATHER. The party also served to celebrate the launch of our premiere issue Ø! We had a fantastic turnout and good times were had by all.        

The play reading was a work entitled The Flick by Annie Baker. The Flick takes place in a movie theatre in Massachusetts and is centered around three of its employees, Avery, Sam and Rose. They do all of the work to keep the place running, which includes a lot of stage directions about sweeping. The show consists of mostly everyday conversations between the employees. Due to the clever writing and the fantastic delivery of the actors we brought together for the reading, lots of laughter ensued. We are already busy planning the next artGATHER event which might get a bit musical.

Amber Quick, Delanté G. Keys, Miles Chick, Nicholas Kier, and Kayleigh Axtell reading  The Flick  by Annie Baker.

Amber Quick, Delanté G. Keys, Miles Chick, Nicholas Kier, and Kayleigh Axtell reading The Flick by Annie Baker.

If you have not yet had a chance, please head over to the Zine side of the website to check out our premiere issue of artMEAT. We were lucky enough to have some of our local contributors attend the event and it was so wonderful for all of these talented artists to get to share and celebrate their work. We are working on casting our distribution net, so keep an eye out for more artMEAT news in your neighborhood. In addition, we are very close to going public with the theme for the Zine's issue 1.

So, how are you going to make sure that you never miss another artGATHER event? You are going to follow us on all the social media formats and you are going to send your email address to This will save you from being out in the cold again next time! Until next time you lovely lads and lasses!

CrEATively Yours,