On Set with Adam & Steve

To whet your appetite for our premiere issue, we would like to share our first artMEAT mashup. Delanté Keys, our fearless leader, is working with the amazing Austin photographer, Maureen Delaney. He shared a poem he wrote inspired by the story of Genesis, and they worked together on an Adam & Steve love story photo shoot. The story board they are creating adds relevance and interest to what could be a stale story. 

With the idea in mind, Delanté and I searched our new neighborhood on Austin’s east side for the perfect location. At the Texas State Cemetery, we found a number of choice “Tree(s) of Knowledge” along with a beautiful stream. The date was set so Delanté worked tirelessly to locate some models. We were lucky enough to find Nicolas Kier, who was a wonderful model and a super fun addition to the group. When Delanté couldn’t locate another model to play Steve, we convinced him to join the shoot.

In typical Delanté fashion, he laid out an amazing breakfast spread with mimosas for our little crew. Please note, all future contributors – you will be fed and probably given alcohol if you participate in an artMEAT event. We set out with our Design/Visual Arts Editor, Shelby Aranyi to start shooting. It was kind of a gloomy day but thanks to our procurement of a light reflector, we were able to add some warmth to a lot of the shots.

As soon as we got to the cemetery, Maureen took off. She was full of ideas and was a fantastic director. There was no time wasted as she moved from one location to the next. A variety of poses were used as we attempted to story board Delanté’s poem. It was so great to take this idea and bring it to life through Maureen’s artistic talents. After a variety of shots were taken, our fantastic photographer decided she was done and the day was a wrap.

We hope this collaboration will be the first of many. We are working to bring together artists from all walks of life to work in concert. If you are interested in participating in this kind of collaboration, please let us know. That is it for now, Tribe!

CrEATively Yours,